Tree Pruning Services

Professional Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

If you’re in the Twin Cities,  Western Wisconsin, Menomonie, Eau Claire or the Chippewa Valley, Expert Tree Service provides professional Tree Pruning and Trimming Services near you.

We have the skills, experience and training to prune and trim your trees, safely, efficiently and cleanly. Proper pruning will help maintain the health and safety of your trees while enhancing their beauty. 

We can help your trees by: 

  • Removing dead limbs.
  • Removing broken or crossing limbs.
  • Improving tree or building clearance.
  • Thinning and shaping your tree’s canopy.
  • Improving the appearance of your trees.
  • Pruning a tree that is blocking your view.

Our experienced, Certified Arborists Can Handle Any Situation

We can handle any sized job, and have the equipment and training to access trees in tight spots.

Locally owned since 1986, find out why we’ve been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award for over ten years in a row.

Tree Pruning Services in the Twin Cities
You’ll get exceptional service from the first contact to the final cleanup.

We stand behind our work to ensure your complete satisfaction.


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Absolutely the best service I have had for anything
Really awesome service. One tree, a huge maple, needing about 2/3 of its volume removed. The tree looked super nice after trimming. The other tree, a pear, is in a very difficult location…the clean up was awesome. They even hauled away a pile of branches in my yard. I will be calling them back soon to do my other trees and will certainly recommend them to my family and friends.
-Douglas, West. St. Paul
Why Use Expert Tree Service & Science?

What Sets Us Apart

How Does This Work?

Contact us to schedule your Free Estimate.

One of our Certified Arborists will visit your property to evaluate your trees.

You’ll get an honest assessment of your trees, and we’ll prepare a detailed estimate.

We’ll happily answer any questions you have.

Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll get you on our schedule. 

We’ll request locates for underground utilities, such as gas, electric, telephone and internet. You take care of marking the location of underground sprinklers and pet fences. We’ll contact you the week before the work to confirm the date and time.

On the scheduled day, we bring the necessary crew and equipment to do the job.

Your trees are safely and efficiently pruned and trimmed, with minimal impact to your property.

We thoroughly clean up the work site, and check in with you to be sure you’re satisfied.

Once the project is completed to your satisfaction, we accept payment by check or credit card.

Responsive, communicative, professional and worth every penny.
We had a branch from a large Basswood tree that was on its way to breaking over a powerline and Tony gave us a very reasonable cost estimate. They came when they said they would and did a quick and efficient job. Will definitely call again for future work.
-Niknaz, Minneapolis

Questions About Tree Pruning and Trimming

We’ve put together the answers to some of the most common questions we get.

Hiring the right tree care company is critical to ensuring the health and safety of your valuable trees. 

When evaluating a tree care company:

  • Verify that they have workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Ask for Certificates of Insurance, and call their insurance company to make sure the policy is current.
  • Check their reputation. Ask for references and check online ratings. 
  • Be sure you understand the work to be done and the cost to complete the work.
  • Be sure they have ISA Certified Arborists on staff. Ask to see their credentials. This designation ensures you that they understand the proper ways to prune and care for your trees.
  • It’s usually not necessary to  provide any money up front. Work should be paid upon satisfactory completion of the job.
  • Good tree work is not inexpensive. Be wary of any estimates that fall well below average.

Good tree care is an ongoing process. Hiring a company that you can trust and develop a professional relationship with will ensure your trees get the best care possible. We’ve created a Free downloadable checklist to help you choose the right company. Click here for your Free copy.

While it might be tempting to trim your own tree to save money, the risk of injury and damage to your home and property greatly exceeds any potential savings.

Tree trimming is an extremely dangerous activity. It is vitally important to have the proper equipment, training and experience to safely prune a tree. We continually train to ensure the safety of our crews and your property. 

Tree trimming and pruning costs vary greatly depending on your tree and property.  In order to give you an accurate estimate, we  absolutely need to visit the tree in question- and your property. Be very wary of any company willing to give you a quote over the phone or any type of verbal agreement.

Here are a few things we consider when determining the price for a tree trimming and pruning:

  • Size of tree (height and diameter)
  • Ease of access to the property
  • Dangerous conditions (proximity to power lines, busy roads, etc.)
  • Stability of the tree

There are some misconceptions about pricing, too. Just because a tree is large, doesn’t necessarily mean high costs. However, the opposite can be true with small trees in challenging situations.

Although every company has their own ways of pricing, our goal is to be fair to both you and our organization.

Our experienced, Certified Arborists have had years of training to enable them to safely prune your tree, while ensuring its health and longevity. We follow the pruning standards established by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and ANSI A300 and Z133.

Ideally, pruning begins with structure pruning when a tree is young. This helps the tree grow stronger and healthier than it would on its own. Over time, a skilled professional can work through the canopy and prune out problematic branches. Trained professionals also control the fall of pruned branches to prevent damage to the tree’s surroundings.

Pruning by improperly trained personnel can result in damage and decay to your tree, and creates safety hazards. Be wary of any company that does  tree topping, excessively prunes a tree, or uses climbing spikes or gaffs. Be sure the firm you use has experienced, Certified Arborists on staff to preserve your investment, enhance the beauty of your trees, and maintain their safety and health.

Trees need regular care to keep them healthy, safe, and beautiful. When not maintained, trees can become dangerous. Uncorrected area of trees become weaker and eventually fail. Over time, branches that die start to fall. Branches may grow into siding and roofs and cause damage. Branches can also grow into power lines or fall on them, causing outages. Tree canopies can become so dense that they catch wind like a sail, blowing over or breaking off in heavy winds. 

Our Certified Arborists are skilled at evaluating your trees. We target problematic areas, including dead limbs, cracked or broken limbs, and poorly attached unions. Areas of decay are identified and addressed. We thin tree canopies so that the wind and snow can pass through more easily. 

Routine pruning results in safer, stronger, and healthier trees.

In general, trees can be pruned any time of the year.

There are a few exceptions, however, based upon the species of tree. Oaks, for example, can only be pruned while dormant – during the months of November through March. 

Additionally, trees in areas with sensitive flowers and landscapes are best pruned when yards are frozen and flowers are not in bloom. 

Our Arborists will evaluate your trees, and make a recommendation on the best time to prune your trees – based upon the species of trees and the unique characteristics of your property. 

Generally, we recommend professional pruning of your trees every 3-5 years. 

Ideally, tree pruning begins when a tree is very young. This is called training or structure pruning, and involves removing poorly spaced or problematic branches. As a tree becomes mid to large in size, pruning focuses on dead, dying, and crossed branches. We also identify any area of the tree that may become dangerous. 

Trees that are routinely pruned are far healthier and safer. Routine pruning also gives a trained professional an opportunity to look at the tree’s overall health, diagnose insect and disease issues, and provide recommendations for any necessary treatment at an early stage.

Good tree care is an ongoing process, and at Expert Tree Service we want to build a professional relationship with you to ensure your trees are getting the best care possible. 


I highly recommend Expert Tree – they are very professional and put customer service first.
They got right to work and finished cutting the trees very quickly. Everything was cleaned up–every twig and leaf, plus they hauled away extra brush from behind the garage. They left the yard cleaner than they found it!…I highly recommend Expert Tree…they are our “Tree Guys” now!
-Joy, Woodbury

Meet the Team

The Expert Tree Service Team
The Expert Tree Service Team

The entire team at Expert Tree Service & Science is passionate about providing exceptional tree care and customer service.

We have an amazing team made up of Certified Arborists, our highly trained Ground Crew, Tree Climbers and Equipment Operators. Not to mention our incredible Office and Sales Staff. Interested in joining our team? Click here for information on Career Opportunities at Expert Tree.

Find out why we’ve been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award for over 10 years in a row!

The team from Expert Tree Service did a great job.
From the initial visit to inspect the trees and provide a quote to the actual trimming and clean up, everyone involved was highly professional. Because of the location of the trees, they could not use a boom truck so the trimmers, Bennie and Manny, had to climb the trees using ropes from the ground. They were always careful in their work and asked me when they had questions about trimming certain limbs. It was amazing to watch them work 60 feet above the ground. Clean up was excellent. I would definitely use them again.
-Steven, Stillwater