We’re Ready to Service Your Trees

Whether you need a tree or stump removed, trees pruned, cabling & bracing installed, or plant health care, our ISA Certified Arborists and highly trained staff are ready to help.

We’ll thoroughly evaluate your situation, and provide an honest recommendation about what is best for you and your tree. You’ll get a beautiful yard, protect your investment in your trees, and save time and money. We take care of your tree care, so you can spend your free time enjoying life.

Locally owned since 1986, we’ve helped thousands of families and businesses throughout the Twin Cities, Western Wisconsin, Menomonie, Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley.


Tree Removals

Has your tree outgrown its location? Is it damaged or dying? Is it a safety hazard?

When you need a tree removed, we’ll handle it safely, efficiently, and with minimal impact to your property. You’ll get outstanding service and exceptional clean up.

Not sure if a tree should be removed? We’ll give you an honest opinion to help you decide.


Tree Pruning

Is your tree overhanging your house or blocking your beautiful view? Has it been a while since you’ve had your tree professionally pruned?

Regular pruning helps maintain the health and safety of your trees, while enhancing their beauty.


Plant Health Care

Is your tree healthy? Or is it losing leaves? Are there signs of insect damage?

Our Plant Health Care team excels at maintaining the health of your trees, as well as preventing, diagnosing, and treating numerous pests and conditions.

Our Certified Arborists specialize in treating Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Apple Scab, Japanese Beetles, fungal conditions, and vascular wilt diseases. We can also help with fertilization and Plant Growth Regulators.


Stump Grinding

Do you have a stump you are tired of looking at or mowing around?

Our stump grinding services can quickly and safely reduce that stump to a pile of woodchips. We’ll haul them away, leaving no trace of the stump.


Cabling & Bracing Trees

Are you worried about an unstable tree splitting or falling on something?

We can strengthen hazardous trees and make them safer. Trees with co-dominant leaders and cracks can be supported with cables and bracing.

Tree Cabling in the Twin Cities
Tree Cabling (Photo courtesy of Joseph, O'Brien, USDA Forest Service,

Crane-Assisted Tree Removals

Looking for a faster, safer, and more efficient way to remove your trees?

Crane removal has numerous advantages for the property owner.

  • Removals that would have taken days can be done in a few hours.
  • Large sections of tree are gently ‘floated’ over your yard, house, and other trees.
  • Fewer cuts are made to the tree, resulting in less stress.
  • Increased Safety for your property and our work crews.
I am a huge fan of supporting small, local businesses, and Tony is one I am proud to use.
I have used Tony in the past and will continue to use him. His pricing is in line or better than the other tree service companies, but what makes him stand out is his professionalism. He and his team are courteous, easy to work with, and always do a fantastic job. My yard looked better after they left than it did when they arrived.
-Lorraine, Stillwater
Why Use Expert Tree Service & Science?

What Sets Us Apart

The team from Expert Tree Service did a great job.
From the initial visit to inspect the trees and provide a quote to the actual trimming and clean up, everyone involved was highly professional. Because of the location of the trees, they could not use a boom truck so the trimmers, Bennie and Manny, had to climb the trees using ropes from the ground. They were always careful in their work and asked me when they had questions about trimming certain limbs. It was amazing to watch them work 60 feet above the ground. Clean up was excellent. I would definitely use them again.
-Steven, Stillwater

Meet the Team

The Expert Tree Service Team
The Expert Tree Service Team

The entire team at Expert Tree Service & Science is passionate about providing exceptional tree care and customer service.

We have an amazing team made up of Certified Arborists, as well as our highly trained Ground Crew, Tree Climbers and Equipment Operators. Not to mention our incredible Office and Sales Staff. Interested in joining our team? Click here for information on Career Opportunities at Expert Tree.

Find out why we’ve been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award for over ten years in a row!