Plant Health Care Services

Experienced, Certified Arborists Specializing in Plant Health Care

Our Plant Health Care team excels at helping you protect the long-term health, safety and beauty of your trees. 

Locally owned since 1986, we provide comprehensive Plant Health Care Services throughout the Twin Cities , Western Wisconsin, Menomonie, Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley.

How Healthy Is Your Tree?

Whether you want to keep your tree healthy, are trying to improve the beauty of your landscape, or need help fending off another invasion of exotic pests, we’re here to help. Are you concerned about:

  • Declining trees?
  • Losing leaves or early color change?
  • Signs of insect damage?
  • Protecting your trees from invasive species?
  • Preserving the long-term health of your trees?
  • Saving money by catching health problems early.

We have a highly experience team, ready to address these concerns. We treat Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Apple Scab, Rhizosphaera Needle Cast, Bronze Birch Borer, Two-Lined Chestnut Borer, Japanese Beetles, Bur Oak Blight and more. Contact us today for a professional diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Our Experienced, Certified Arborists Can Handle Any Situation

Our Plant Health Care team excels at maintaining the health of your trees, as well as preventing, diagnosing and treating numerous pests and conditions.

  • We always choose the lowest-toxicity treatment options to reduce the impact to pets and the surrounding environment.
  • You’ll get exceptional service and clear communication about the status and prospects of your trees.
  • If needed, we’ll prepare samples and them to the University of Minnesota for further diagnosis.
Plant Health Care Services in the Twin Citiess

You’ll get exceptional service from the first contact to the final clean up.
We stand behind our work to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Easy to work with, responsive, always on time.
Expert tree was just out to trim our 85 year old Elm. We love working with them. They have removed a couple dying trees as well as biannually treat both our Elm and our Ashes. Easy to work with, responsive always on time.
-Scott, St. Paul.

Preventative Treatments

Protect your trees from invasive species with preventative treatments.

These pests have caused the death of millions of trees. As the owner, you’re left with the hefty cost to remove and dispose of your dead or dying trees. We can help you prevent:

  • Emerald Ash Borer (Ash Trees)
  • Two-Lined Chestnut Borer (Oaks)
  • Bronze Birch Borer (Birch)
  • Pine Bark Beetle (Pines)
Emerald Ash Borer Damage
Emerald Ash Borer Damage (Photo Courtesy of Steven Katovich,

Fungal Treatments

Fungal Foliar Diseases affect a wide variety of tree species. Fungal pathogens are unique to each species, so a proper diagnosis is vital. We’re trained at identifying tree diseases and recommending an effective treatment. Fungal diseases must be treated annually to ensure the long-term health of your trees. We can help with:

  • Apple Scab (Crabapples)
  • Rhizosphaera Needle Cast (Spruce)
  • Diplodia Shoot Blight (Pines)
Apple Scab
Apple Scab (Photo courtesy of Ohio State University)

Vascular Wilt Diseases

Vascular Wilt Diseases for Oaks and Elms are an ongoing issue for our most prized canopy trees. We are dedicated to positively identifying each case, and providing the highest level of care. Treatments must be performed bi-annually to ensure ongoing health. 

  • Oak Wilt (Oaks)
  • Dutch Elm Disease (Elms)
Oak Wilt
Oak Wilt Damage (Photo courtesy of Paul A Mistrett, USDA Forest Service,

Japanese Beetle Treatments

Japanese Beetles are a destructive mid-summer pest with a metallic green head and brown wings. They feed on the leaves of Elms, Lindens, Crabapples, Birch and Mountain Ash trees.

It is important to treat for Japanese Beetles BEFORE you see them! Give us a call in May or June to get your treatment scheduled.

Our mission is to be as environmentally conscious as possible, while providing excellent control. The product we use has no known risks to other beneficial organisms like pollinators and birds.

Japanese Beetle Damage


We offer a liquid soil-applied fertilizer with a unique blend of minerals, seaweed extract, humates, surfactants and humectants. This formula helps with root development, water stress management, transplant success, nutrient deficiencies, and summer stress.

We also include a soil amendment treatment of activated BioChar. This combination improves the soil by providing more space for food, water, and air. It also helps the fertilizer bond to the soil to prevent leaching. 

Pine Tree

Plant Growth Regulators

There is growing scientific evidence about the benefits of Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) treatments. PGR reduces canopy growth, and redirects some of the tree’s energy into better natural defense chemicals and fibrous root development. This results in a healthier and heartier tree.

Maple tree
Why Use Expert Tree Service & Science?

What Sets Us Apart

Tony is a man of good character and very easy to work with. We would hire him again. Tony is a good communicator and very professional. He helped us decide which would be the best trees to keep and ones to remove. He also explained the safest time to prune the trees to prevent disease. He came on the day he said,did the job he said he would do and left no trace. He did a great job and we are very happy with how everything looks.
-Ted, Lakeville

How Does This Work?

Contact us to schedule your Free Estimate.

One of our Certified Arborists will visit your property to diagnose and evaluate your trees.

We’ll provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, and provide you with a detailed estimate.

We’ll happily answer any questions you have.

Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll get you on our schedule. 

If necessary, we’ll request locates for underground utilities, such as gas, electric, telephone and internet. You take care of marking the location of underground sprinklers and pet fences. We’ll contact you the week before the work to confirm the date and time.

We’ll bring the necessary crew and equipment to do the job. We’ll safely and efficiently treat your trees, with minimal impact to your property.

We thoroughly clean up the work site, and check in with you to be sure you’re satisfied.

Once the project is completed to your satisfaction, we accept payment by check or credit card.

We’ll set you up on our Plant Health Care reminder system, to make sure you know when your trees are due for follow-up treatments.

I was really happy they were so prompt and they did a great job.
I was looking for someone to treat my Ash trees. They responded in a timely manner to come over to give me an estimate and then do the treatment for my trees. I was really happy that they were so prompt and they did a great job. I really appreciated that. I’m very happy the trees have been treated.
-Julie, St. Paul

Meet the Team

The Expert Tree Service Team
The Expert Tree Service Team

The entire team at Expert Tree Service & Science is passionate about providing exceptional tree care and customer service.

We have an amazing team made up of Certified Arborists, highly trained Ground Crew, Tree Climbers and Equipment Operators. Not to mention our incredible Office and Sales Staff. Interested in joining our team? Click here for information on Career Opportunities at Expert Tree.

Find out why we’ve been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award for over ten years in a row!


They didn’t try to sell me services I didn’t need.
They had two employees come out; it was roughly three hours to complete. They did the job at a fair price. They didn’t try to sell me services I didn’t need. You will get a good price and they are good to work with.
-Michael, Eagan